Hello, my name is Solara! I started at Wellesley back in 2017 as a co-op student and am now one of the Animal Care Ambassadors.

I grew up all across Canada, mainly on farms, so I’ve known since I was around 4 years old that I wanted to work with animals.

When I’m not cuddling the large assortment of pets that come through our doors I can usually be found racing in a pool, teaching sports to kids, or playing every video game I can get my hands on!

Pets: I have four cats named Barry Allen, Ash Williams, Arya Stark, and Xenomorph. I also have two guinea pigs named Thor and Loki and four rats named Frigga, Sif, Valkyrie, and Hela.
Fun Facts: I have a travel book that contains a list of the best poutine in North America
Heroes: Steve Irwin, Unus Annus, and all the members of Achievement Hunter

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