Hey, there! My name is Kimberly, but everyone calls me Kim.

I grew up in Toronto and, uncommon to the others, didn’t exactly know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I realized I was passionate about animal care when I got my very first cat in grade 10 and soon became interested in the veterinary industry.

I started at Wellesley in January 2019 as a first-year Tech student from Sheridan College. I went on to continue my second-year placement semesters at Wellesley and luckily joined the team in July 2020, where everyone welcomed me with open arms as a new grad!

I soon became a Registered Veterinary Technician in September and look forward to all the new experiences I will gain not only with this awesome team but with the lovely patients and clients I’ll have the pleasure to meet.

Fruity, the nervous girl, and Fanny, the sassy girl

Fun Facts:
I’m ambidextrous!

Ariana Grande, Dr. Pilar, Emily, and all my cool fellow RVTs

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