We’re as diverse as our beautiful city.lenguajes flags

People from countries all around the world now call Toronto home, and our city is a multicultural marvel. Wellesley Animal Hospital is no exception, and we’re proud to say our staff can communicate with clients in over SEVEN different languages in addition to English!

Spanish (fluent): Ask for Dr. Pilar
French (conversational): Ask for Samantha
Japanese (fluent): Ask for Mari
Cantonese & Mandarin (fluent): Ask for Carissa
Italian (conversational): Ask for Emily
Tagalog (conversational): Ask for Selene

We have fear free certified professionals on staff.

Whether your pet is sick or simply needs a wellness visit, coming to an unfamiliar environment can be strange and scary for them. At Wellesley Animal Hospital, ensuring your pet has a positive experience is a critical component of the care we provide.Our staff are specially trained and fear free certified to make every visit a happy and stress-free one.

We only employ licensed RVTs to care for your pet.

An RVT, or Registered Veterinary Technician, is a highly trained professional who acts as the right-hand of the doctor. Their role in a veterinary clinic is comparable to a Registered Nurse in a human hospital (they are actually called Veterinary Nurses in Europe!). RVTs need to keep updated with the latest developments in veterinary medicine through continuing education, otherwise they can lose their license. Some clinics will utilize unlicensed or on-the-job trained technicians. Our commitment to the welfare of your pet means we will only accept the most highly trained and dedicated people in our profession to look after animals in our care.



Our medical team is RECOVER CPR certified!

Our Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians are trained and certified in CPR: Basic Life Support (BLS) through the “RECOVER” Initiative, issued by the American College of Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care.

We work with and fundraise for the Farley Foundation.

The Farley Foundation is a registered charity that assists seniors and people on disability who are struggling to help their sick or injured pets. The Foundation subsidizes the cost of critical veterinary care for the pets that mean the world to them. Farley relies exclusively on donations and fundraising events to provide funding to people and pets in need. Helping pets in need is our highest priority, and we are proud to support essential foundations such as the Farley Foundation. Every year, the Wellesley Animal Hospital staff participate in the “Ride For Farley” charity bike-a-thon, cycling upwards of 50km to raise funds and awareness. A minimum donation amount of $500 per participant is required in order to help the Foundation support the hundreds of requests it gets each year. This year our goal is $1,500! Click here if you’d like to support us!

We use calming pheromones throughout our hospital.

When cats are in a familiar and safe environment, they rub their cheeks on walls or objects throughout the area to mark it as their happy place. Both dog and cat “moms” also produce a pheromone for their kittens and puppies in their mammary tissue, and these are profoundly calming and make cats and dogs feel secure. These pheromones are replicated in Feliway and Adaptil. We use plug-in diffusers and spray bottles throughout the hospital to ensure these pheromones are always helping to make your pet feel safe and comfortable.

The Wellesley Animal Hospital App

Keep your pet’s health at your fingertips with the new FREE app!

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At the touch of a button you can:

  • Book online, the easiest way to request an appointment!
  • View and request refills of prescription medications
  • Call or email us directly from the app
  • View and request vaccine certificates
  • Order food from our boutique
  • View your pet’s vaccines and health care reminders
  • See upcoming scheduled appointments
  • View your pet’s information,
  • Set reminder communication preferences

Download the app today on your Android or Apple device, and stay up-to-date with your pet’s health!