There’s more involved in training than sit, stay, and shake a paw. Training is important for many reasons. For dogs, it’s imperative to have them properly socialized so they know how to “speak dog” and read the other dogs at the dog park. And when it’s time to go home, no owner wants to play “catch me if you can” for half an hour!

If your pet picks up something in their mouth (like chocolate) or gets into a substance (like antifreeze) that is dangerous, knowing they’ll leave it alone instead of swallowing it faster can avoid a dangerous and scary situation.

Behaviour problems can cause tension in the household between you and your pet as well. House soiling, aggression issues, separation anxiety, and destructive tendencies can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated.

For these reasons and many more, training is an imperative part of the lifestyle for a healthy happy pet! There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to selecting trainers & their methods. Speak to one of our staff today and we can make a personalized recommendation and help you find a behaviour specialist that’s right for you & your pet!