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DVM Blogs: Cannabis and Pets

By Elva Ma, DVM With the legalization of cannabis officially in place today, the team at Wellesley have had many questions from pet owners about how this can impact their pets, for better or for worse. Marijuana toxicity Accidental cannabis exposure by dogs is something we regularly see at our hospital, whether it is scavenged […]

DVM Blogs: Emergency Medical Conditions

By Dr. Edison Barrientos, DVM Emergency medical conditions affecting your pet can be varied. Since animals are good at hiding symptoms, you may not notice anything until the pet’s medical condition is quite advanced. The first thing to do is to step back and observe your pet. Answer the following questions: Is their appetite ok? Are […]

DVM Blogs: Pet Travel Tips

By Elva Ma, DVM With summer officially in full swing, many of us are in the midst of, or planning, our summer travels. Our furry companions are part of our families, so it is natural to consider bringing them along as well. Whether by car, plane, or train, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to […]

DVM Blogs: Is My Pet In Pain?

By Dr. Barrientos, DVM One of the most common questions I get asked is : Is my pet in pain? This is a very important question as nobody wants for our furry friends to be in discomfort. Unfortunately, animals can’t just tell us when they hurt. Dogs won’t always express pain by whining, and cats are masters at hiding […]

DVM Blogs: Heartworm Season is in Full Swing!

By Elva Ma, DVM As temperatures start to climb in the city of Toronto and we enjoy the milder weather with our canine companions, we renew our focus on parasite prevention at Wellesley. In a previous blog post, Dr. Pilar discussed how to protect our pets from the growing threat of ticks and Lyme disease, […]

DVM Blogs: Bunny Basics: Rabbits 101

By Alison Young, DVM As the small mammal and exotics expert at Wellesley Animal Hospital, I would like to use my first blog post to share some insights on one of my favourite topics: rabbits! At first their cute faces, whiskers or ears may be all that catches your attention, or even win you over. […]

DVM Blogs: A Guide to the best Dog Parks in Toronto (Downtown West)

By Dr. Edison Barrientos, DVM, Owner Today’s urban dog has many options for getting outside, exercising and meeting new buddies. Some Pet Moms and Dads just like to take them for a stroll on some of our many walkable downtown avenues. Queen Street West, Kensington Market, College Avenue, King Street West, Bloor St and Queens […]

DVM Blogs: Every Season Can Be Tick Season! (March 2018)

By Dr. Pilar Villanueva, DVM Ticks are external parasites, living by feeding on the blood of wild animals, birds, and sometimes your pet or even yourself! While the general rule is that ticks are active above 4 degrees C, we have this false sense that “once it’s cold we will be safe”. But that’s no longer the case; there […]

DVM Blogs: February is Dental Health Month!

By Elva Ma, DVM February is National Pet Dental Heath Month, so I would like to take this opportunity to write about the importance of dental health in our pets. While we may see our pet’s bad breath as only an annoyance, it can indicate a serious health concern, such as infection and pain, and […]

DVM Blogs: Caring For Senior Pets (January 2018)

By Elva Ma, DVM This is the first in a series of regular blog posts by the doctors of Wellesley Animal Hospital. I’ll start off with a topic near and dear to my heart. As the owner of a 17-year old feline, and as the health provider for hundreds of senior pets, I’ve seen firsthand […]

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