Hello, my name is Kat!! I’m the newest CSR at Wellesley, joining the team in February 2019, and I have a lot of customer service experience.

I started my working journey at Tim Hortons for 4 years, moved on to Home Depot for 2 years, then a Rogers Call Center for 2 years, and I have now been in the veterinary field since leaving Rogers (almost 5 years now).

I love what I do. I love knowing that even though I am not treating pets medically, I do play a part in their experience at the hospital, and I strive to make every visit as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Sage (Bengal mix) and Goya (Siamese)

Fun Fact:
You get two; I am 1 of 7 children, and I used to sing in talent shows.

Hayley Williams of the band Paramore.

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