Dr. Ismail Hirji

Dr. Izzy Hirji is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with an honours B.Sc. in Zoology. He has a background in both domestic and wildlife medicine, pathology and conservation, and has trained at several zoos and sanctuaries in this capacity both in North America and abroad.

He currently works as a locum vet around the downtown Toronto area with a special interest/expertise in exotics and runs a mobile practice for exotic companion animals, wildlife centres and animal sanctuaries. In addition, he works with several local and international primate sanctuaries and is actively involved in wildlife conservation initiatives abroad.

He was recently featured on the 2020 Nat Geo Wild series “Jungle Animal Rescue” and on the 2017 Nat Geo Wild documentary “Chimp School”.

He is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and One Health. Asides from veterinary medicine, he is also an avid photographer and web designer.

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