Dr. Elva Ma

Hello! I’m Dr. Ma. Having had a lifelong passion for animals, my desire to become a veterinarian began at the tender age of 5. As a child, I was only allowed to have very small pets of my own, such as hamsters and goldfish. Over the years, I somehow convinced my parents to expand my care network to a variety of other small mammals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Needless to say, from there on I was hooked.

Having also had a lifelong fascination with science, my studies led me to a Zoology degree at the University of Toronto, followed by a Masters degree in Biology at Queen’s University, studying hamster behavior and reproduction. Shortly after, I got into the Ontario Veterinary College. During vet school, I decided that companion animal medicine was the path for me, as it afforded me the greatest chance to strengthen and lengthen the special bond between animals and their human guardians. Since graduating in 2008, I can think of nothing else I’d rather do with my life. While I love the variety that general practice has to offer, I particularly enjoy the areas of soft tissue surgery and dentistry, and I still get giddy with excitement when our littlest small mammal patients come through the door.

When not at the clinic, I spend my time geeking out to mid-90’s indie rock, singing karaoke, bike riding, and taste-testing new ramen spots in the city. I currently live in midtown Toronto with my husband Scott, my young daughter Hazel, and my amazing geriatric kitty, Finnigan, who inspires me every day to become a better veterinarian.

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